Newspaper Articles

Today we read a newspaper. We learn headline, location, information, quotes, conclusion, final. Choose the what is headline and location was very difficult.

Miss Daisy is Crazy

A.J. is the main character, he doesn’t like school. Andrea Young is a smart girl. She wants to show her talents. Miss Daisy is a crazy liar teacher. Ryan, Emily and Michael Robinson are extra students. Principal Klutz is the top of the school.

Funny News

In class at first we read funny news today. The funny news is about pizza man who fends off robber. The pizza man delivering pizza suddenly robber appeared. So the pizza man fight and won. That is funny news but I was not fun.

“My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson

This song was easy and fun. So we can learn it easily.

The words in the song were great. The tone of the song was high. The ability of the singer was really great.

Personal Opinion!

Kate: I want to listen to this song one more time.

So-Min: I want to let boys sing this song for us.

Jean: I love this song. I really want to learn and sing this song…


20 Questions

We played ’20 Questions’ today. Eun Jung didn’t know “Park Jae Bum.” Sin Youna didn’t know “Buddha.” People’s names were very difficult. And to make questions was difficult, too. But it’s some fun. Winner was Sung Mi. Sung Mi got a candy from Amy. She was happy.

Miss Daisy is Crazy – Chapter 1

Main character: A.J. (student), Miss Daisy (teacher)

Story: First day of second grade, Miss Daisy made students tell their name and something about them. In A.J.’s turn, A.J. said that he hated school. A.J. thinks school is boring. All students laughed when he said, but Daisy said she had a same thinking. So A.J. is interested in her.

Our Opinion: We hate school, too! We expect next story. hahaha…

Funny News

Man jumps fence to escape police officer. The person jumped into a prison. It is a pity.

Taylor Swift Song

“You Belong with Me.” This song is very interesting and very active.

New English Club

We learned a good song. That song’s name was “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles. We watched the son’gs music video, and we writing words that we heard. After writing the words, we said Amy that we got the paper which written “Love Song.” But there were some blanks. We heard the music again, and we filled out the blanks. It was very difficult but fun, too.

Today we learned about American spring.

In America, there are special days, Easter and St. Patrick’s day. When Easter Day comes, adults hide Easter eggs and children become an Easter hunter. Another symbol of Easter day are Easter Lily and lamb (they think that Jesus was a lamb).

St. Patrick’s Day: Americans wear green clothes.

Weather is warm but sometimes rainy, snowy and tornado.

November Classes!

American Thanksgiving

Entree: Turkey!

Side Dishes: Mashed potato, rice, soy beans

The point: Thanks for God to be with family. Celebrate harvest. It’s a holiday! Crazy sales! Parades!

Advertising – Black Friday

We read: “Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by 2008 Black Friday Shoppers.”

Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving. What happened was a man working at WalMart in New York was killed on Black Friday by excited shoppers. So very sad.

Advertisement: We made advertisements for Black Friday!

  • “Come to Booky’s Wonderland:” Selling books, DVDs and CDs. Every good is on sale 50-60% only on Black Friday!
  • Ryu (Chinese Name): Sells bamboo sword and drink and cigarette and C(6)H(12)O(6) on sale for 50%. Last chance! Only 1,000,000 won!
  • Our Boss Crazy: replace your child only 1 week in order to improve your child’s character. Starwars razer sword, watch and so on. Only $40.99 on Black Friday!

Stereotypes in Korea

Of Koreans…

  1. We always bow to each other. Only except younger than me (True!)
  2. When we have meals, older people eat first (True!)
  3. We never say “abusive sayings” to older people. (True!)


  1. They have tendency to be private (True!)
  2. They prefer waving rather than bowing (True!)


Jessica shot DL and Niki confessed to policeman. Noah forced to erase Claire’s memory but the Haitian did not. Sylar tried to killed Eden. Mohinder came back to New York. Peter met Matt and Matt tried to read Peter’s mind but couldn’t because of Peter’s powers. Matt tried to read Claire’s mind, too, but the Haitian interrupted it.

Fake parents, no hugging and Halloween

Heroes Update

  • DL came back to Niki’s house
  • Claire met her real parents, but we think the fake parents were hired by Noah, who might be Syler.
  • Niki killed DL’s friends again and stole DL’s money. Another Niki let her find the hidden money and run away from DL with Micah. But DL knew that and tried to kill her and went out with Micah.
  • Hiro was in the bathroom and regretted about hiding while people were killed.

Funny News

“Australian School Bans ‘Inappropriate Hugging.'”   In Australia, a few elementary schools banned hugging between boys and girls. They prevent that students are not studying. So, they ban what people do who are going out. For example, physical horseplay, kisses and so on. I think it’s not good (banning hugging). We are grown up and will do those thinks. If I wrote this in Korean, I could write more sentences.

American High School vs. Korean High School Debate

  1. No uniforms: Pros are that school clothes are free. There is no stress from teachers, you can have personality and be more active. Cons are the financial problem with uniforms, especially with the gap between wealthy and poor families.
  2. Finish at 3 p.m. versus finishing at 10 p.m. Pros of finishing early is that there is extra free time that we can spend with family and friends. It also improves one’s attitude. Cons is that you would spend time doing nothing.
  3. Public high schools versus entrance exams high schools: Pros are that the decision is simple (no stress or feeling of inferiority). Cons are that the exam does good things like check one’s ability.


Halloween is 31 October. So the last day of October. Halloween is costume day. People disguise oneself as monster that they like (for example: batman, zombie, vampire). And people make a lantern by pumpkin. Pumpkin lantern is so cute, but some is so scary. Also, children say “trick or treat” and adult or listener give candies to children. Halloween is a funny day!


Here’s what’s new this week in English Conversation Club

Dating Debate

We had a debate on whether dating young is a good thing or bad thing.


  • Teaches you to save money for others
  • Have patience
  • Many experiences
  • Realize real
  • Develop appreciative eye for the opposite sex


  • A lot of money is spent
  • No control over sexual desires will lead to bad things
  • Continue to lie to parents
  • Don’t have any spare time
  • Downgrade
  • Fall away from friendships

Pick-up Lines

We created some pick-up lines

  • I have become blind because of you; you’re so shiny
  • Can you hear this sound? My heart is beating toward you.
  • You are a thief! (Why?) Because you stole my mind
  • Are you tired? (No, why?) Because you were in my head all day.
  • Don’t smile to anyone. Your smile is my own thing!
  • If you die, the world gets darker
  • How does my heart look like? Tell me, you took my heart.
  • Lonely Christmas, it’s so sad. Oh! Someone comes to you. Violet hair, I hope it’s you. Even if thousands of years pass, I promise my love is you.


  1. Claire: Revived in autopsy room, made car accident intentionally, will be pursued by Sylar.
  2. Niki: Was persuaded from Lindaman to sleep with Nathan. Niki hesitated because of the prostitution. Lindaman’s CCTV caught Niki in the act.
  3. Matt: Matt was taken away. Claire’s father – Noah – controls his memory
  4. Hiro and Ando: went to Las Vegas by airplane. Cheated the mafia in the casino using super power (time control). Hiro changed the Mafia man’s cards, won the game. After the game, Hiro and Ando were attacked by mafia.
  5. Issac: has a drug problem again and then drew the future about other Heroes.
  6. Peter & Mohinder: Met and they tried to meet Issac, but suddenly time was stopped by Hiro. Hiro appeared looking like 사우라이 to Peter. Hiro said to Peter, “You will die!”

Funny News

  • Man Who Started Fire Told he Must Quit Smoking. A 19-year old boy smoke in Bar-B-Que Restaurant! And the boy bring fire at restaurant. So a judge in Hawaii made the boy stop smoking for a year.
  • Police: Pilot Used Plane to Stalk Ex-Girlfriend. A pilot stalked his ex-girlfriend by flying his plane low over her house. So neighbors suffer noise. Then the pilot was arrested by police.

ACT, Fortune Tellers and Heroes

ACT Test

  • ACT is one of America’s test
  • ACT is made up of reading, writing, English, math and science
  • This test is taken outside of school
  • We can send the result to four Universities
  • If you want to send to more, you must pay more

Fortune Teller

  • We made fortune tellers
  • Fold paper, color and write numbers
  • It will predict the future
Teacher teaching students to make fortune tellers

Teacher teaching students to make fortune tellers


  • Niki: Burried the dead body. Niki’s son and Niki went to Grandmother’s house. Niki’s husband may be a killer
  • Claire: went to party and fought with boy who loves her. So she died by she alive again. She opened her eyes and found her chest cut open.
  • Hiro: saved a girl with his super power and followed Issac’s cartoon with Ando.
  • Nathan: is very selfish but he loves his younger brother. His younger brother is Peter who is a megalomania (hunk) – we think. Now Peter loves Simone who is the ex-girlfriend of Issac. Issac sees Peter and Simone kissing through a picture.
  • Matt: Matt is a police man who failed the test to promote. But he works for the FBI now because of his power. However he fought with his wife.


  • “Bust the…” (windows, etc.): When a girl or woman feels infidelity, she goes to boyfriend’s car and then she starts to break its windows. That is the meaning of this word.
  • “Hit the…” (Books, road, bed): Hit the books means when you study in your room, your mother/father will say to you, “Study hard.” That is the meaning. Hit the road means when something is burning, people will say get out of the way. When we meet people who are riding a bike, people will say “get out of the way.” That is the meaning.

Funny News

  • Masked Police Chief Sparks School Lockdown. In America, masked policeman come to school to surprise the Michigan High. The whole school was so surprised that the school took a lockdown. But it was a 12-year old tradition for the school. Our thoughts: it’s useless. Poor policeman! Maybe it’s fun. Our school should do that.

Week 2 – Labor Day, Funny News and Heroes

Labor Day

The first Monday of September, every laborer does not work. Instead of working, they can do anything they want. For example, rest at home, take a trip, go shopping, etc. Actually, most of the people take a trip. But in Korea, we can’t do that because not all people rest at home. We should go to school. Give us a break! Teachers have a right to rest on labor’s day and so do students.


Mohinder quit his job and went to New York. He tried to find the truth of his father’s death and he studied his father’s task. Nicky was a stripper to earn money for her son’s school and repay debt to the mafia. She had another Nicky inside the mirror. Another Nicky killed the mafia men. She separated (decapitated) the mafia’s body.

Peter jumped off of a building himself to show his flying ability to his brother. But only his brother could fly, so his brother grabbed Peter’s hand.


  • He sees the future and draws it
  • After five weeks, he will die because his head will be cut in half by a murderer and he will lost his brain.


  • He can travel time and place without transfer
  • He sees the cartoon about his story and finds Isaac, dead in the apartment.


  • Immortality. So if she hurts, she can heal herself
  • Claire lost the video about her suicide attempt
  • Her father found the video but she doesn’t know


  • He can hear the minds of another person
  • So he found a little girl that hid under the stairs
  • His boss misunderstood him (thought he was the killer, not the savior)

Funny News

Wisconsin Dad, Son Excel at Cricket-Spitting

Father and son spat a cricket. The father spat a cricket 9.93 meters. Son spat a cricket 3.19 meters. This is fun and exciting!

Teacher Fined $1,490 for Biting Preschooler

A French court has fined a preschool teacher $1,450 for biting the cheek of a misbehaving 4-year-old. This is some fun because the preschooler was impolite.


Break the Ice: It means that when people first meet, they feel very awkward towards each other. At that time, someone tells a joke, then they can be comfortable and fun. We say this situation is “breaking the ice.”

Break a leg: it just means good luck, like when someone takes a test

Where you at?: Amy explained this slang to us that on the phone we usually use this with other slang. Like, “what’s up?” “Heyoh”

Funny News, Plastic Surgery and Heroes!

Student Art

Student Art

Funny News

Funny News is the way we begin class. We read a news story that is odd.


In Spain, people fight with tomatoes. It looks violent, but it’s a festival. In the street, there is a stream of tomatoes!

Our thoughts:
Don’t abuse food!
Who and how will it be cleaned up?
It looks delicious
But it hurts when we are beaten

Outhouse man

In the U.S., a man fit into an outhouse toilet. Amazingly, the man did it many times.
Our thoughts
Dirty! Ewww!

Suzie the Elephant

In the U.S., a firehouse closed to wash an elephant

Our thoughts:
How lazy the elephant is!
They have nothing to do
Just the elephant has fun

Plastic Surgery: Good or Bad?

Pros of Plastic Surgery

We agree that plastic surgery is good because it gives people confidence. And we can use plastic surgery for health reasons like skin cancer. Also, we can hide our complex. Someone who has acne scarring can hide using plastic surgery. We can have satisfaction by plastic surgery. Nowadays, appearance has become more important, and many people hurt other people’s feelings by saying bad things about their appearance. If she or he has plastic surgery, she or he can have good appearance and she or he will have satisfaction!

Cons of Plastic Surgery

If we get plastic surgery we can become more ugly than before. We will be bionic, like a robot. After we marry and have a baby, if the baby is not similar to him/her, their spouse will begin to suspect. The divorce rate will increase! It is easy to be addicted to plastic surgery. So we have to get an operation more and more. All the people will have the same face after a while. So we will lose identity and no one can notice each other. It’s very expensive and leads to bankruptcy. Inner beauty is more valuable than appearance.

Heroes Update

Every week we will watch one episode of Heroes and then reflect on what we saw. After the first episode (season 1), here is what we noticed.

Similarities between Korean and American series: American dramas and Korean dramas are very similar. Why? Because both are romantic and humorous. In American drama and Korean dramas there are heroes, heroines and ordinary people. Ordinary people disturb heroes and heroines because they get into trouble and then heroes have to save them. But in the last scene, heroes and heroines fall in love and never die.

Differences between Korean Dramas and American Dramas:

American Korean
– Mature content

– Different races

– So fresh

– Long series

– Huge scale, more so than Korea

– Many actors/characters

– Complicated

– The show is popular over the world and extends quickly

– Starring many world stars

– Dramatic

– Same race

– Antiquated for Korean

– Short piece

– Handle many historic story

All About Us

About Korea

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. There are 8 provinces: Jedlanamdo, Jeollabukdo, Chung Cheong, Bukdo, Chung Cheong Namdo, Kyeongsangnamdo, Kyeong Sangbukdo, Kyeong Gido, and Kang wondo. Gurye is in the Jeollanamdo province and is near Gwangju. There are four seasons in South Korea: spring, summer, fall, winter. We can see various views of nature. Gurye is one of the smallest countries, which have Mt. Jiri. And Sumjin River. Gurye is famous for Cucumber. Wow!

About Gurye

Gurye is located in Jeonnam Korea. Gurye is a village where many people live to a very old age. Sumjin River and the number one national park, Mt. Jiri, are located in Gurye. Gurye’s weather varies every season. Most of the adults in Gurye are farmers or public service personnel. Gurye’s population is around 20,000.

Living in Gurye

Gurye people live in houses. They jobs are very diverse. Some examples are farmer, police officer, doctor, shop owner, etc. And most people have a car, so they often drive their car to places. Students go to school by riding a bike or walking. We like spring because spring is warm!

Our favorite food is ramen. This is delicious! It is from Japan, but we think Korean ramen is more delicious. We can eat it instead of meat with rice. There are many kinds of ramen rice. Jajang, which is black and almost like jajong myash, spaghetti and bibimbop, which is hot and sour. Not only Koreans like ramen, but also many other people like it. It is more delicious when eaten with rice. And we can add rice cake, mandu or cheese.

About Gurye High School


Class Satisfaction

(10 is the Highest)

Korean Class 5
Mathematics 9.5
English 8
Society 4
Science 8.5
Cafeteria 5